Commercial Loans
Commercial Property Mortgages

Commercial Investment Mortgages are offered & designed for individuals or companies that intend to purchase or remortgage commercial property; to let to a third party or for owner occupation.

Owner Occupied Business

Commercial Finance for properties we specialise in include types such as; Offices, Professional Practices, Pubs, Restaurants, Retail Shops (with/without living accomodations), Industrial and Manufacturing units.

New businesses or Start-ups can access mortgages. They must have a business plan and projected 1st years trading. Existing businesses also need the previous two or three years accounts. Where no proof is available, we have the option to offer self-certified commercial mortgages. For this an Accountant’s certificate would be required in most cases.

Commercial Property Investment

These are for individuals or companies either purchasing or remortgaging commercial property let to third party. Our team can provide commercial investment mortgages secured against many different commercial or business types. Business sectors can include; Office, Retail, Leisure, Industrial & Manufacturing, Healthcare and/or Education.

Semi-Commercial Property

Semi-Commercial & Mixed-use property is where the business part is run by the main applicant. Semi-Commercial includes residential living with a proportion used for business purposes.

Semi-Commercial Investment

Semi-Commercial & Mixed-use property is owned on a investment basis. Semi-Commercial includes residential living with a proportion used for business purposes. The Commercial element can be either the owners business or rented as part of a formal lease arrangement.

Remortgaging Commercial Owner-Occupied Premise

Our funding allows us to fund up to 75% of the property value for a new purchase or refinancing of an existing mortgage and for raising capital. Lending is subject to trading and type of industry as well as property condition & location. Mortgages are subject to status but we can offer facilities for those that do not match the usual lending criteria.

Mortgages are based on the ‘bricks & mortar’ and exclude any business goodwill value and/or value of fixed assets of the business. Depending on the business sector some lenders can be based on business appraisal value, which can include goodwill.

Types of deals available

We have partnerships with many commercial lenders across the UK. Their lending criteria, as well as products, vary depending on the lending. We can arrange; for owner-occupied businesses or commercial investment mortgages, the following:

– Borrow from £25,000 to £25 Million

– Mortgages from 5 years to 30 years

– Up to 75% of the property value or purchase price

– Repayment or Interest-only options available

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